GOALS – Generating Opportunities to Attain Lifelong Success

A new 3-year pilot project designed to help Kansans receiving food assistance write their own success story.

GOALS offers an individualized, wrap-around approach which engages participants, employers, and local and state partners in efforts to reach successful employment outcomes with livable wages and opportunities for growth.

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    For Food Assistance Recipients

    "Finally, there’s a job program that offers you more than a job."

    Rewarding employment is hard to find. It takes the right set of skills, the right attitude and the right opportunities. If you’re receiving food assistance, the GOALS program provides you with the training and support you need to get a job with a company that cares about your success. Find out more and get started today.

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    For Employers

    "GOALS is your partner for ensuring job success."

    GOALS works in your community to provide innovative strategies to Stabilize, Train, Place and Sustain motivated participants. We partner with you, the employer, to develop sustainable strategies for matching participants with labor market opportunities and to provide ongoing skill development for career advancement. Find out more on how we work with you to help meet workforce demands.

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    Get Started

    "Our simple plan takes you where you want to go."

    1. RESERVE your place at a GOALS information session. Just call 1-888-369-4777.
    2. ATTEND an information session to learn about the GOALS program. You will need to schedule your own childcare and transportation in order to attend.
    3. BEGIN working with our Career Navigators to get started toward a career that matches your skills and interests.

The GOALS program can work for you.

Our new approach to employment and training can help you achieve your goals.

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Find out more about the GOALS program today. Your benefits won’t be affected if you don’t participate – the choice is yours.

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